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The roots of PurpleTree lies in it's commitment to people. We design and implement effective HR solutions for businesses of all sizes. Get in touch today to see how we can help your business flourish.

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Practical HR Advice

Our team provides expert HR advice for a wide variety of industries across Ireland. With our flexible service packages, we ensure that your HR needs are met regardless of your size, budget or time constraints.

Why Choose PurpleTree?

With our experienced team of lawyers, qualified consultants, industry specialists and specialist HR practitioners, we offer an innovative service which allows us to really tailor services to meet your individual requirements.

Our Services

Human Resources (HR)
We support you in recruiting and hiring, employee training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits, and compliance with labour laws and regulations
Employee Wellbeing
We support your organisation with health and wellness programs, stress management training, and support for employees who are dealing with personal or professional challenge
Employment Policies
We open organisations to a plethora of expert knowledge & support to help them develop and implement effective employment policies that support their workforce & promote organisational success
GDPR & Data Protection
We assist with data audits and assessments, training for employees on data protection policies and practices, and support for organizations that are dealing with data breaches or other compliance issues
Business Strategy
We can help with development and implementation of a plan that outlines an organisation's goals, objectives, and action plans for achieving its desired business outcomes

A little more about PurpleTree

PurpleTree provides a wide variety of human resources services for Irish companies including employment law consultancy, compliance advice and representation, recruitment, and administration.
Pragmatic, professional advice
We assist with all matters, such as legal and cost issues associated with an employment contracts, processes of dealing with an employee claims etc.
Excellent customer service
We're here to support you, your employees and your business through our tried & tested customer service.
Tailored HR Solutions
From HR Audits to Mediation to Training, our service is designed entirely around you.
Industry Experts
Extensive experience of working within Employment Law and Human Resources, we aim to help our clients to meet their objectives through our recommendations
Our Clients
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